My inspiration for this drawing was the lemur Momo from Avatar and my desire to create a character that was an adventurer in a magical forest. Ps. The most difficult thing about this drawing was making the chain mail effect on the suit. 
Illustration inspired by the axolotl, my idea was to make a little dragon but not the typical one with horns and wings, I wanted it to be more of a kind of reptile. I wanted to play with the irony that his nature is fiery but that he had the ability to be aquatic, and be in contact with both elements.
Illustration of a forest elf. The focus is on her eyes.
Illustration inspired by one of the three famous Japanese relics, the: Yasakani no Magatama Jewel. This jewel is related to Japanese mythology, as a ritual to achieve divine communication, it is also associated with the forces of nature, status and power. That is why I illustrated a deity personified in a geisha who holds the jewel from above, while a Japanese landscape can be seen in the background. 

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